General course information

The Culinary Fundamentals Video Course is comprised of a number of videos, quizzes, and suggested exercises. To progress through the course, you must watch each video in its entirety and pass any correlating quizzes before moving onto the next lesson. Several of the lessons have respective suggested exercises, which can be accessed at a link above the video. Upon successful completion of the course, a button will appear that, when clicked, will generate your certificate of completion for you to print and download.

Where do I go to view the course?

A link to the course is found by logging into your account here:

How do I enroll a group of people in the course?

From the Video Training page, select the “Group Join” button. You will be presented with options on how many you would like to sign up in your group. After checkout and when your order has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions to log into your account.

There you will see a link to a page to manage your group. Upon clicking, you will go to your Group Management page, which provides the tools you need to manage the users in your group and view their progress.

You can add, edit, and remove users from your allotted enrollment amount, upgrade additional enrollees, and invite those in your group to the course. You may also add additional Group Leaders if you wish to provide others with the same level of Group Administrative control.

Once a student has begun the course, they cannot be removed and their seat is used.

I'm enrolling a group of people who will be watching all together on an in-service day. How do we receive certificates for everyone in attendance?

You will need to have purchased enrollment for each attendee. After completing the course, email a list of the names for whom you need certificates along with the email address used to enroll the group and we will send you a link for the certificates to download, which you can then distribute.

I received a pop-up window reporting an error while watching one of the videos. What should I do?

This occurs when the video you are watching has cached, but you lost an internet connection during playback. Because the site cannot track your progress without an internet connection, the error is generated.

If you receive this error message, insure you have an internet connection, refresh the page and then try to proceed. If you continue to receive this error, try any or all of the following: restart your browser, clear you browser cache, restart your computer, re-start your modem/router.

If the problem persists, email

The name on the certificate isn't spelled correctly, how do I change?

Email: to request a name change to your account.

How long do I have access to the course?

Course access expires shortly after successfully completing the course. It is recommended that upon completion, you download & print your Certificate of Completion immediately upon completing the course .